New building of
Karmel church!

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First stage of the building project has cost us 1,4 million, which we have collected thanks to many contributors.
To finish the building entirely (stage 2) we need approx. +1 million euros.

Hannes Hermaküla

Tõnis Mägi

Laikrete perebänd

Rebecca Kontus


The most convenient method to give is through direct payment to your bank account:
Sihtasutus Rakvere Karmeli kirik

AS SEB Pank EE851010220253468227
Bank address:
 Tornimäe 2, 15010 Tallinn

We also have a partner in USA, who could forward your donations to us through NGO:

Christian Concern
P O Box 1818
CA. 90609

The church union we belong to are cooperating with them. For further information please visit this link:

Donors can send a cheque to Christian Concern, which have been made payable to them with an additional note „Karmel construction“

Christian Concern promises to:
– send each donor a non-profit tax receipt and return envelope for future donations
– send email to us listing the donor names, dates & amounts as they arrive
– maintain exact fee from the given donation

Contact person:   Bill Ankerberg
Explanation note:   “NEW BUILDING”

If you have further questions, we’ll be delighted to answer you! 

Send your questions to this email address below! 

Project manager Madis Pikat

Give as an entrepreneur

Please contact Meelis Einstein either by email, phone or contacting us below.
tel. 50 56 220

    We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting this special project.
    Together we will make something unique!

    Sincerely thankful and truly blessed 
    Rakvere Karmel church